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SBI Mortgage loan interest rates – August 2015

Credit Limit(Term Mortgage Loan) Rate of Interest Process Time
Credit amount Up to Rs. 1,00,00,000/- Now 12.60% reducing p.a. 7–15 working days
Credit amount of loan Above Rs. 1,00,00,000/- Now 12.85% reducing p.a One to two weeks

Note: No OD (overdraft) facility against Mortgage loan of Property

SBI Mortgage Loans Rent Plus Scheme

Avail Min & Max Loan Amount in this scheme Current Interest Rates* Processing time
For all Mortgage Loan up to Rs 7.50 Cr in urban center and loan amount restrict Rs 5.00 Cr in Non- urban center – Now 12.95% reducing balance p.a. 15 to 20 working days
Other then all other cases (In case require any deviation) 13.10% p.a. reducing 15 to 20 working days

Why to Choose SBI Mortgage Loan in India?

✓ To avail complete faith & transparency in start to end operation process
✓ To get access in this mortgage loan from largest network of branches in India
✓ Our rates interest are designed on a monthly/daily reducing balance basis
✓ Freedom to enjoy the lowest fees for processing of mortgage loan.
✓ Hassle free long term repayment time 5 years to 10 years for salaried individual

✓ Feel free to have with No Hidden charges or extra administrative costs.
✓ Nil prepayment fees/ penalties amount charges. Feel free to do part payment.

SBI Mortgage Loan program Scheme

Avail this loan against mortgage for all types of business purpose of any of your marketable rented property in any of approved location in India.


This is an all purpose kind of secured business loan, the mortgage loan can be used for any of good and business or any personal purpose whatsoever. If amount of loan is Rs.25 lacs and above then endues of the mortgage loan will have to be clear specified along with undertaking that loan will not be used for any negative purpose or any violation in the low of the India like uses in share market, illegal use etc.

Scope of the Loan Eligibility under the program

You know about eligibility of loan :

1: Any of individual borrower who is a self employed employee, any professional customers, any individual employee or anyone who comes from agricultural background.
2: Required minimum net monthly salary Rs.12,000/- or other side minimum annually net Income Rs.1,50,000/-.

a.Spouse monthly income may be added for loan eligibility if he/she is being taken as co-applicant in the loan.

Minimum age start from 21 years and maximum age can be goes up to 60 years.

Scope of Loan Amount limit

You can apply for minimum loan amount: Rs.25,000/-

You can avail Maximum amount of loan: Rupees One crore.

You can get loan to value against your property up to 60%

You can avail loan for minimum of 5 years and maximum for salaried 10 years under this program.
Loan Processing Fees for all borrowers: Up to 2% of on the principle loan amount and limits Maximum of Rs. 50,000/- only.

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