Mortgage Loan Comparison SBI and Deutsche Bank

Mortgage Loan comparison SBI and Deutsche Bank (Where SBI current rate @ 12.25 % & Deutsche @ 11.25%)

There are several talks of comparison between several banks when it comes to facilities and interest rates of all kinds. At every step, the comparisons are made for the individual services offered by different banks. While taking loans, a person gets involved deeply in comparing all the features of the loans through different banks; among them, the interest rates are the most often considered featured during the comparison. Same is the case, while taking Mortgage Loan. Take for an example of two banks; one is State Bank of India while the other is Deutsche Bank for the same loan facility, Mortgage Loan.

Comparison between SBI and Deutsche Bank

For those, who are unaware of Deutsche Bank; it is the bank highly influential on a global platform with very strong and profitable customer base mainly in the private category. When we talk about the most popular bank of India, State Bank of India, the current rate is 12.25%. However, the other bank in consideration here, Deutsche Bank offers Mortgage Loan at 11.25%. In order to meet the needs of some sorts, both the banks offer the Mortgage Loan Facility to the people.

SBI Mortgage Loan

Talking about the SBI Mortgage loans, the bank offers the complete process at very low processing charges. The other important aspect of the Mortgage Loan facility through SBI is that the interest is charged based on reducing balance, even if it is on a daily basis. No hidden charges are just one of the other benefits of the SBI Mortgage Loans. The facility of prepaying loans is an added feature of the SBI Mortgage Loan.

Deutsche Bank Mortgage Loan

Considering Deutsche Bank and its Mortgage loans, higher loan amount can be quite easily availed and with the exclusive Insurance Plan for loans against property, this allows the borrowers to deal with any unforeseen troubles in the future. In case of any happenings, family is liable to have the support of the insurance cover. The prepayment of loans is also available with the Deutsche Bank in the same way as that of SBI Bank. Loan against home, against Commercial Property, for the purpose of commercial property purchase are the prime subdivisions in the Mortgage Loans by Deutsche Bank. To avail the Mortgage loan through Deutsche Bank, it is not mandatory to open any sort of accounts and thus non holders can even get the benefits of the Mortgage Loans through Deutsche Bank.


After going through the above mentioned, many of you may be looking for the final conclusion on which bank to prefer for a mortgage loan; either State Bank of India or Deutsche Bank. Some of you may prefer SBI because of the huge reputation of the bank in the country, while some will be for Deutsche Bank because of lower interest rates. Accounting my advice, making the decision based on just reputation and Interest rates will be a bad idea; just make the complete enquiry at both the banks and go for the choice only after analyzing the complete facts and features!

Mortgage July 22nd, 2015


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