Bad Credit Score Mortgage Loans

Once your credit score falls below 600, the loan sanction becomes difficult for you and refinancing a home or any sorts of such works, becomes a headache for you. However, there is always, a ray of hope beneath the darkness. In case, your housing payments, are never late by 30 days over 1 year, the chances are there that you may get the benefit. One can avail the mortgage loans even if the Ratings are poor.

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Bad credit Mortgage Loans

The bad credit mortgage is called a sub-prime mortgage and is generally offered to home buyers with low credit ratings. Conventional Mortgage Loans owing to bad credit are not facilitated to the loan seekers, and in its place a bad credit mortgage or Sub Prime Mortgage Loans are offered to the borrowers.

Some negatives of Sub Prime Mortgage Loans

There are some difference and negative aspects of these perfect mortgage Loans. These Sub Prime Mortgage Loans come at the higher rate of interest than the conventional Mortgage Loans. This rate of interest may vary based on the credit ratings and lower is the ratings, the greater will be the rate of Interest. This has been done in order to compensate for the risk that the lenders are taking for offering the loans in spite of bad credit. At the same time, the chances are that the loan is more likely to be structured as an adjustable rate as against a fixed rate.

Several other factors are associated with the Sub Prime Mortgage Loans. The balloon payment penalty, pre-payment penalty, or penalties for both is one of the features of the Sub Prime Mortgage Loans. At the same time, there are chances that the deposits required by the lenders will be higher than conventional mortgage Loans and while deposits of 5% to 10% is being made in case of Conventional Mortgage Loans, Mortgage Loan require the deposit of around 30%.

Even, with the lower scores, the process of the sanction of the loan becomes a lengthy one and one need to submit additional documents for the same.

Credit scores considered for Subprime Category

The credit score of till 650 is generally considered as Sub Prime by almost all of the banks in the country. Credit score of below 600 means some serious mistakes must happened in the past involving you. In case, the credit score goes below 580, more down payments or more security needs to be paid and this increases accordingly.

Guidance for Bad Credit Mortgage Loans

Even, if you have a bad credit, always try to keep a check on your credit score. Obtain a copy of credit history and analyze the reasons for which your loan application may get rejected. Thus, through the checking of credit score, you can ensure if your chances to avail the loans is high enough or not.

Try to improve your Credit History with the debts paid at regular intervals and on a timely manner. Good Credit Score can help you a lot to avail several facilities of loans at good rates of interest.

Mortgage September 4th, 2015


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