Everything You Need to Know about SBI Mortgage Loans

India’s most trusted bank, the State Bank of India has been in business for quite a long time and with changing times has introduced several plans and schemes for the people. In the motivation towards the delivery of the best services and most varied services, the State Bank of India offers various types of Loans in the process. Among those, Mortgage Loans is one of them.

State Bank of India Mortgage Loans

With the State Bank of India, changing with times, the Bank has offered several facilities to the customers. Among them, the facility to the Mortgage Loans Online is one of them. The Mortgage Loans online is the convenient way to the borrowers.

Some facts related to the Mortgage Loans through the State Bank of India are as follows :

The margin of loan against Mortgage is 40%
The Mortgage loan processing fee is 1.01% and the maximum fees is Rs. 50933
The time of disposal of Mortgage Loans for metro cities is 6 days, while for Rural and Semi Urban cities is same 6 days

Some basic steps for Mortgage Loans

During the process of Mortgage Loan application, there are some basic steps for Mortgage Loans.

Analyze Credit score

Make sure you have the good credit score to avail Mortgage Loans. No error and discrepancies should be there in credit score.


Plan for the budget you need in the Mortgage Loans. Plan your budget based on Income, credit score, affordability, and risk factors. Plan accordingly and without taking risk factor. Have a clear thought over Mortgage Loans and decide accordingly.

Consider Rate of Interest and other factors

Consider the rate of interest and all other factors and based on all factors, decide upon the mortgage loan. Make an evaluation of the complete aspects of Mortgage Loans before the deal.

For the Mortgage loans through the State Bank of India, the Title of the property should be clear, which safeguards bank’s interests, thus making them feel confident towards the approval of Mortgage Loans for you.

Advantages of SBI Mortgage Loans-
The advantages of the State Bank of India Mortgage Loans are as follows :

Complete transparency in the complete process of Mortgage Loans
The service from the oldest and most appreciated bank of the country
One of the lowest rate of interest for mortgage Loans
Lowest Processing fees
Nil Prepayment charges
Additional benefits from the best bank of the Country
Quite easy loan approval

Being the oldest bank of the Country, the State Bank of India offers mortgage loans with the minimal requirements of documents and offers the loan with much ease. The Mortgage Loans meant for both salaried and self employed people, the bank offers the most complete protection and safest disposal of loan amount to the people seeking Mortgage loans.

Avail the Mortgage Loans through the safest, most reliable and most trusted bank of the country!

Mortgage August 29th, 2015


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